Higher Education Grant

The Karuk Tribe is very proud of your initiative to succeed through higher education. Your effort to attain a college degree will not only provide you opportunities for higher paying jobs and increase your interpersonal skills and knowledge but will also increase tribal and community capacity for generations to come. We appreciate your courage and respect your ambition and look forward to your unique contribution to the future of our tribe.


The Education Department offers Enrolled  Karuk Tribal members an opportunity to apply for the Higher Education Grant.

The Education Department is no longer accepting applications at this time. Please check regularly for updates on when the application will become available with deadlines for the 2017-18 school year. 

Higher Education Grant Policy

Please refer to the Additional Scholarship Resources tab for more information on scholarships for new and current college students. This will include information for all  tribal members and descendants.

Other Karuk Educational Opportunities:

The Karuk Student Rent Voucher Program is administered by the Karuk Tribal Housing Authority for enrolled Tribal members who attend a college or university full-time (12 or more units). For more information on this program contact Susanna Greeno, at the Happy Camp Housing Authority, 1-800-250-5811 or (530)-493-1414 extension 3108 or visit the Karuk Housing Authority's website at Karuk Housing Rent Voucher Program

Students interested in assistance to continue their education through an Adult Vocational School should contact Dion Wood, TERO/Child Care/AVT Director, at (530)-493-1600 extension 2030, for more information about the highly limited financial assistance that may be available to you.