Karuk Youth Leadership Council

The Education Department is proud to announce the Karuk Youth Leadership Council. The council is composed of 9th-12th grade tribal youth leaders within our Aboriginal Territory. The Karuk Youth Leadership Council provides a collective voice of tribal youth within our area in all matters that concern them, promotes the development of future tribal leaders, and provides opportunities for school and community service projects.

If you would like to join the Karuk Youth Leadership Council closest to you or have questions/suggestions, please contact Rose Butterfly, Education Program Coordinator, at 530-493-1600 ext. 2034 or rbutterfly@karuk.us.


Happy Camp Karuk Youth Leadership Council

Adviser: Cassidy Little

Adviser: Rose Butterfly

Female Co-Chairman: Nikki Harrison

Vice-Chairman: Madison Offield

Secretary: Annalee Head

Treasurer: Brittany Barnett

Member At Large: Angelica Garrison

Member At Large: Matilda Peters


Yreka Karuk Youth Leadership Council

Adviser: Elaine Randolph

Adviser: Rose Butterfly

Male Co-Chairman: Skylar Conrad

Female Co-Chairman: Alauna Grant

Vice Chairman: Micaela Escobar

Secretary: Daisy Garcia

Treasurer: Lyle Frank

Member At Large: Michael Beals

Member At Large: Tyler Patterson

Member At Large: Kory Canham

Member At Large: Elycia Avery

Member At Large: Lydia Jerry

Member At Large: Kenneth Hansen

Member At Large: Chris Crowe

Member At Large: Lauren Kropp

Member At Large: Oliviarose Williams


Orleans Karuk Youth Leadership Council

Adviser: Cassidy Little

Adviser: Rose Butterfly

Member at Large: Josa Talley

Member at Large: Luis Neuner