The Karuk Education Department is happy to offer our K-12 students in Orleans Elementary, Junction School, Happy Camp Elementary, Happy Camp High School, Jefferson High School, Seiad Elementary, Evergreen School, Jackson Street School, Yreka Options/Discovery and Yreka High School the opportunity to receive tutorial assistance.

The tutoring program is designed to work directly with the schools to provide assistance in academic, study and social skills. If your child needs assistance please contact the Education Department, your teacher or the school.

Tutors Needed:

In order to provide tutoring services we need qualified tutors. If you are, or someone you know, is interested please fill out the Request for Proposal and submit to the Education Department provided below or under the Karuk Website. There will be a mandatory tutor meeting for the 2016-17 school year to be held in September. Currently, through the assistance of TANF, we are paying $10 hr for individuals under 18 (with conditions) and $12 hour for adults.


Send completed Request Forms to Rose Butterfly at rbutterfly@karuk.us or fax to 530-493-1613 attn: Education Department